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How do you bring that level of elegance and sophisication while tying in your wedding colors or wedding theme?

We are here to help you with your paper products and your e-files

The Ornate Collection is a bundle of digital files that have options for customization.

Printables in the Ornate & Contemporary Collections

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What do I get in the Ornate Collection?

A selection of files to help you put together different aspects of your wedding. While the images are through an Indian lens they can certainly be used for events of all kinds. The collection will help you with the signage and printed parts of the wedding. The collection has everything from Bridal Shower and Sangeet invitations to signs to help direct the flow of guests on the day.

Our first print in this collection is the Bridesmaids Proposal Card.

How this helps you plan your event:

Quick and easy Instant Downloads and the ability to Print On Demand are two of the benefits of using a Print Template. These files come in PNG or PDF format. This means you can print and hand invitations to those who are in person and then digitally send the file to those who are far away.

Print these and use in your Bridesmaids Thank You Basket or Gift Box.

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The high resolution prints look so classy when printed on beautiful cardstock or put into a frame. Click add to cart and check out the rest of our store for other Wedding and Event printable files.

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How do I get it?

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How do I find the Digital Shop?

You will find our full collection on our Etsy storefront Click here.