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Image Description: Photo: serven images on a concrete background with a Two Cups Of Chaa watermark overlay. The seven images are of a Peacock Design in each of it’s color options on the Etsy Store. There is a purple image on the left and right with text and an embroidered border. The frame on the left says “Peacock Collection By Two Cups Of Chaa.” The frame on the right reads “Comes with Frame & No Frame Option” “Direct download after purchase” and “Use as home or event decor.

☕Meet Paquito☕

Meet Paquito the Majestic Peacock, an exceptionally gorgeous and regal peacock that I had the pleasure of meeting in recent years. >Paquito lives with his growing family, who are some of the most lovely creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Peacock In Sunset Colors

Image Description: The painting depicts a black canvas with a Tan-colored Peacock design. The Peacock design is enclosed by a frame that matches the Peacock’s colors (this listing also includes a frameless option.) The watermark for Two Cups Of Chaa may be seen overlaid.

☕What’s the backstory behind this animal’s design?☕

Paquito, my Majestic Peacock, is a wonderfully gorgeous and proud peacock that I recently had the pleasure of meeting. Paquito seldom >dances for strangers, but he did so beautifully ffor me. It was a genuinely magnificent experience that I will never forget, and I am >still in awe of the closeup photos and videos of him dancing that he permitted me to shoot. I’ve always been fascinated to creatures >that gracefully tread the land, and this peacock was no different. He is very aware of his magnificence!

Peacocks enjoy being in the spotlight, and the sight of a dancing peacock is unforgettable. In their train, the males have exceedingly >decorative feathers. When dealing with this animal as an artist, there are so many details to draw from. I wanted to emphasize the >eyeballs in his plumage and the size of his train when developing this digital peacock. I hope he gives you as much pleasure as he >gives me.

Peacock Muted

Pictured: Peacock In Muted Colors

☕What am I getting?☕

Following your purchase, you will be able to access the following files: The hues range from red and tan to sunrise and sunset colors, >depending on the listing. Double-check the listing before completing a purchase. Contact us with any questions. The following file >types are available: PDF, PNG, and SVG.

Peacock Collection Printable and Cuttable Files SVG PNG and PDF

Image Description: Wording in the center of the page with two diagonal purple embroidered borders, one on the top left and the other on the bottom right of the image. The wording is situated between two peacock feather plumes. The wording reads” The Peacock Collection Printable & Cuttable Files SVG PDF PNG

The pictures you see are possible uses of this file, as a reminder, this is NOT an item that will ship

If you would like to purchase a physical item instead of a digital file or if you would like this in a different color. This file is >also available as a cuttable file in SVG format. Feel free to click through the other sections of this store to find these listings.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Pictured: Printable Peacock In Pink

☕How do I get it?☕

All you have to do now is buy the Digital Download!

:: Favorite the items that catch your eye and follow the store on Etsy
:: Click to add to your cart
:: After purchase, you will have access to download your instant file under your purchases/reviews section. 
:: Follow the store on our social media spaces
:: Send us a message on Etsy messenger if you have any questions or special requests

No physical product will be shipped. Props and frames are not included.

Peacock In Tan Purchase Instructions

Image Description: A title bar with the phrase “Two Cups Of Chaa Download Guide” and “SVG CUT or Print File” appears at the top of the image. A purple backdrop with white lettering in the centre of the image contains purchasing instructions describing the five steps required to purchase and utilize a Two Cups Of Chaa Digital Download. A dark rectangular bar with the text “WWW.TWOCUPSOFCHAA.COM” appears at the bottom of the picture.

☕Printing & Cutting☕

The quality of the printer and the paper or card stock you pick impact the final project’s quality when printing or cutting. This >Digital Download is available in PDF and PNG file formats. The SVG files for this project may be found under the Animal SVG Bundle Pack tab in the shop.

Colors on a display may change somewhat from how they seem in person or how they appear on one viewing device to another due to the >color calibration of your device or monitor. Printing the pages on card stock or other high-quality paper is recommended.

Please note that this listing is solely for an immediate download; no printed copies will be sent.

Printing can be done at home, in a print shop, or through an online print service.

It is possible to make an endless number of copies for personal use. 

Two Cups Of Chaa owns the copyright to this image. This purchase is for personal, non-commercial use only. You may print and create in >your home, office, or public space, but you may not resell, duplicate, share electronically, or profit from the design in any manner.

Peacock Sunset

Pictured: Peacock In Sunset Colors

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