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Image Description: An image on a purple embroidered background of six frames containing examples of the Red Diya Printable Collection. Along side the six frames is an addional frame showing the words Two Cups Of Chaa. The words Two Cups Of Chaa and Digital Design Shop are shown below the image.

☕ What’s the backstory behind the Red Diya Printable Bundle? ☕

The Red Diya Printable Collection is a collection of files put together to assist you with various elements of your wedding planning. While the photographs are shot through an Indian lens, they may be used for a variety of events. The collection will assist you with the wedding signs and printed materials. From Bridal Shower and Sangeet invites to signage to assist control the flow of visitors on the big day, the collection has it all.

To understand the why, let’s start at the beginning: our generation grew up attending many Indian weddings, and we’ve always admired the pomp and circumstance that we put into our celebrations. As youngsters, we notice the vibrant colors on our costumes and jewelry, and everyone puts their “A” game on! The lovely fragrance of food being prepared for all of the guests expected to come to the Bridal home. There’s a flutter of excitement in the air as we smell the henna being applied. While having a pre-wedding event at home is wonderful, planning one takes a significant amount of time and effort. All of these events served as inspiration for this collection; we hope you enjoy using these files at your event as much as we did.

Red Diya Mockup Image Description: Four frames hung on a gray wall containing four different Printable Diya designs in the Red Printable Diya Card collection. Below the frames is a light colored table with flowers, candles and tealights

When it came to planning my own wedding, I was a budget bride to the heart. The majority of the items on my bridal to-do list were reused or upcycled from items I acquired at local craft stores. I produced certain things from scratch, such as wedding signs and guestbook pages, and printed them on my home computer. This collection is my way of bringing quality and flair to an event without going overboard by relying on years of expertise in a simple and cost-effective approach.

☕ How does this help me? ☕

Having a variety of files on available can significantly help you in putting together various components of your wedding. While the photographs used in the Diya collection are shot through an Indian lens, they may be used for a variety of events. The collection will assist you with the wedding signs and printed materials. 

Red Diya Printable

☕ How this helps you plan your event:☕

Customizable Templates: These files are easy to edit and customize. Printable Animals: These files can be used as DIY printable gifts that can be given as a printed gift on elegant cardstock or printed and placed inside a frame.

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The why: I grew up going to weddings and have always loved the pomp and ceremony that we put into our celebrations. As young kids we remember seeing the bright colors on our outfits and our jewelry, everyone brings their “A game!” We smell that wonderful smell of food being cooked in the Bridal house to prepare for all the guests that will stop by. Having a wedding in the house is lovely – but it takes a lot to put it all together.

Red Diya Printable

When it came time to my own mixed with the smell of treats being rustled up in the kitchen wedding, I was a budget bride through-and-through. Most of the items on my bridal to-do-list were recycled or repurposed by things I found at the local craft stores. Some things like wedding signage or guestbook pages I simply created from scratch and printed on my home computer. This collection is my way of bringing class and style to an event in an easy way at an affordable price.

☕ Other Color Options ☕

This Diya printable file comes in the color Red as shown on this page but also comes in Silver, Gold and Purple. Check our Etsy sitefor more detailed listing options.

Gold Diya Gold Diya

### ☕ Wedding Puja or Ceremony Template Add On Option ☕

Consider using an electronic personalized invitation for your pre-wedding or informal festivities. You may always edit the invitation and share the updated details if you have any last-minute changes. It’s also quite useful to have the zoom hyperlink information on available for out-of-town guests who want to join in on the festivities.

Havan Invite Template

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