Simple Sangeet House Decor For Pre-Wedding Events

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Image Description: A blank flat canvas sits on table with a red sari background. To the left of the canvas is a small plue pot holding five peacock feathers. The eyes of the feathers cast a shaddow on the canvas.

Home or smaller space decorations

Wondering how to bring that level of elegance and sophisication while tying in your wedding colors or wedding theme? Getting the house ready for a home-based wedding or party event is a major source of stress. It’s a lot to clean up the space, mend items that need fixing, and move furniture around to enhance people flow. You have to worry about deocrating on top of it all? Who has that kind of time? You want it to seem elegant and professional, but you don’t have the funds or time to do it. We’ve put together some pointers to help you make the most of your time while still achieving a finished look that is warm, welcoming, and stunning!

The following suggestions are for decorating an Indian wedding sangeet, but they may be used to any sort of celebration.

Flower Covered Banister Image Description: A stairwell with a flower-covered handrail in the foreground. The railing is adorned with artificial flower garlands. Halfway down each rung, there are one or two small decorative elements with loose flowers for a simple, fresh, and affordable approach to decorate an entryway.

Decorate using printables from our Etsy store

We offer a growing selection of ready-to-print and download products in our shop. SVG files are also available for download for use in event decorating, table top printing, and children’s craft tables. You may use the printouts to decorate your home or as gift tags for a tray of goodies for your guests. Our whole collection is available on our Etsy shop. Click here.

  • Bring a touch of class to your special event.
  • Add a personal touch by personalizing a gift tag or thank you card for each member of the family or wedding party.
  • Save time by doing all of your editing on your own computer.
  • These simple alternatives will help you save money.

Rose pinned on a lapel

What is a printable?

A collection of files to assist in the preparation of many aspects of your wedding. While the images are created through an Indian lens, they may be used for a variety of events. The collection will assist you with the event signs and printed materials. The collection has everything from Bridal Shower and Sangeet invitations to signs to help direct the flow of guests on the day. Consider putting a gift tag with each rose to be pinned to a lapel.

Golden Diya Printable Card

How this helps you plan your event:

Wedding and Event Signage: These files can assist you in sprucing up a room on a budget. These printables may be used as wall décor or a signature page and are meant to be quick, easy, and affordable complements to your event.

Printable Animals: These files may be printed and framed or used as DIY printable files that can be presented as a printed gift on elegant cardstock. SVG files are also available for crafters and makers. Any design may be cut onto vinyl or paper using the SVG files. Soon, the shop will provide the option of ordering couple names cut out of glitter vinyl. Follow us on our social media platforms for the latest product releases

Peacock Entrance Table

Image Description: A single bridal kalira hangs from the ceiling. Not seen is an entire ceiling decorated in the same way. Simple, effective and meaningful decoration idea!

Contemporary Wedding This Way Sign Image Description: An image on a purple embroidered background and the words Two Cups Of Chaa and Digital Design Shop. The image shows examples of the Contemporary Wedding This Way Printable Signs by Two Cups of Chaa. Visible in a frame are the words “comes with frame and no frame option.”

Entrance and Banister Decor

Decorate with flowers

You can easily adorn any interior or outdoor entryway with store-bought flower garlands. Garlands can be found at most craft or fabric stores. One thing to keep in mind is that these garlands may be linked together to create a single long string of flowers to work with.

  • Wrap the flowers around the handrail in a circular fashion.

  • Use fishing wire or grocery bag ties to attach the flower garlands to the top of the railing. *Tip: Use gold or green wire and ties to mix in with the decorations.

  • Attach the flower garlands to the handrail’s bottom. This solution is perfect since it frees up the real railing for individuals, particularly the elderly. When you’re on a stairwell, use this approach.

Dhol ready to use at a Sangeet Event Image Description: A dhol sitting on a rug (ready to be used in the sangeet night festivities.)

Supplies to decorate a Sangeet

Accesories to add to your space

Decorating the singing space

Other things to consider:

DIY Sangeet or Pre-Wedding Decoration ideas

Below you will see some decoration ideas that are quick, simple and add a touch of luxury and class without taking over your whole bridal budget.

Elephant Canvas Image Description: Elephant cut out of muted gold vinyl using the Elephant SVG file from Two Cups Of Chaa. The vinyl cutout is placed on a flat canvas and turned into a table top decoration. The canvas is propped upright and is placed on a red silk sari. This can be used as a guest sign in board by leaving a few sharpies out.

Table Centerpiece Image Description: A tall clear circular vase filled with purple stone jar filler. Visible on the outside is glitter vinyl wording with the names “Raina & Ketan.” The jar is sitting on a purple metal table with a stone seating wall, some grass and forest trees visible in the background.

Raina & Ketan Glass Centerpiece Decor Image Description: A close up shot of an empty circular vase sitting on a yellow sequined scarf with a red embroidered background. The glass vase has glitter vinyl lettering reading the names “Rain & Ketan.”

Diamond Wrap or Diamond Ribbon Image Description: Two strands of silver Diamond Wrap shown on a yellow scarf with silver sequins.

Peacock Entrance Table

Do you have any suggestions for additions to this list? Send us a DM on Twitter or Instagram, and your idea might be featured on the site!