Indian Wedding Food & Snack Tips

Tips to help you plan your guest experience during wedding week

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Image Description: a close-up of a tiered serving tray piled high with a variety of delectable Indian snacks In the backdrop, various dishes and to-go tea and coffee can be seen. The author of this post can promise you that the fresh samosa and pakora plate (not pictured) were superb!

So you’re throwing a party…

So you’re throwing a party and need to feed a huge crowd quickly and have to have some table snacks on hand. Here are some table >decoration and snack ideas. Make a sign for the title of the meal or a food allergy warning next to anything that potentially >contain nuts or an allergen with a printable place card.

Print and frame welcome sign, a handwash and sanitize station sign or a handwritten thank you card with a simple leaving present to >keep the guest experience a priority.

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Why do I need extra food and snacks on hand? 

Things might become hectic during the wedding week during South Asian weddings, so here are some food and snack suggestions to keep guests happy during the breaks.

All of these appetizers are delicious served with tea in between meals for an at-home Indian themed celebration.

Various Indian snacks on a three tiered serving dish

Image Description: An picture on a purple embroidered background. Picture description: Seven framed examples of the Golden Diya Printable Collection is seen mounted on a sandy brown wall. A table below the frames holds a box with wedding programs with the same Golden Diya design to help carry the theme through the event. Also visible on the table are flowers, candles and a gift box for cards, notes and such. The words “Two Cups Of Chaa, Digital Design Shop and “Offered in a range of design options or as part of a bundle package” are seen below the image.

You can use themed signs that can be printed and framed or used as is. Using a sharpie you can hand write a small sign to show your >guests what the name and potential allergy concerns right next to each food item.

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Image Description: A top down photo of various Indian snacks on a three tiered serving dish. Visible are plates and some other snacks in the background.

Food Table ideas:

Namak Pare: The words ‘namak’ and ‘para’ or ‘pare’ imply salt and pieces, respectively. As a result, the word namak pare literally translates to “salty bits” or “salty bites.”

Shakkar Pare: Sweet snack of crispy, flaky, fried flour cookies coated with crystallized sugar. The Shakkar Pare are always a sweet and inviting treat for your guests. Traditionally these snacks are made in the wedding home the week of the wedding by the family of the couple.

Pastries or Bagels: served with cream cheese: Bagels are always a good go-to for the morning of a wedding. You can feed so many with very little cost. The downsides to using bagels on your table are: they have to be picked up fresh and younger kids may not eat them which leaves you with hungry kids. This is where the pastries or some small soft rolls and some bread/jam can go a long way.

Pakora or Samosa plate: On a wedding morning, nothing beats this! These delicacies go down so nicely with a cup of chaa ☕☕ or coffee and nourish everyone well. To serve the needs of the majority of your crowd, the table should offer a variety of spicy sauces, chutney, and ketchup.

Pick-up-as-you-go fruit in a fruit bowl or small individual cups: A large serving bowl or a large air tight container filled with fresh cut fruit might help keep the gathering moving if you’re serving food in your own house or hotel room. If you’re serving guests who will all gather in one place before moving on to the wedding or event, fill tiny paper cups with fruit and keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

Ice Cream Bar

Image Description: An Ice Cream Sundae bar with sauce, sprinkles and toppings. There is also icecream in a cooler see on a chair near by. On the right side of the table are large bowls of plain and sweet popcorn for those who want to skip the desert bar.

Make your own Ice Cream Sundae and Snack Bar:

Ice Cream – Vanilla and at least two other flavors
Ice cream scoops

Sprinkles (give a few options here)

Baby Marshmallows

Baby gummy bears

Syrups – Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel

Marciano cherries

Pre-popped plain popcorn for health conscious guests

Almonds, Pistachios, Cashew nuts - put a nut allergy warning or check with guests before putting out nut based products.

Banister decorated with flowers

You will also need:

Serving plates
Hand Sanitizer
Hand washing station with disposable paper towels
A place to put trash and other discarded items

Blue handmade cake pops

Cake Pops Quick Recipe

Day old or leftover cake Melting Candy (found at grocery stores in the cake mix aisle) Sprinkles Sticks for cake pops (found in the bakery aisle or bakery supply store) Optional: Crumbled pretzels or crushed candy cane

As it becomes messy, you’ll need parchment paper or another surface to work on.

We recommend using gloves to protect your hands and keep it clean during the coating process because it is challenging. The cake balls should be pressed into the cake pop stick before being covered with candy melt. Leaving them on the paper and inserting the cake pop stick halfway into the cake pop ball is the simplest way to accomplish this. Proceed with caution since the candy melt will be quite hot.

A bakery or grocery shop is a wonderful place to get a block or a stand for the cake pops. Allow the drippings to gather on a tray or plate below the cake pops as they are placed upside down in the foam block. You may add your sprinkles while the cake pops are drying by shaking them directly on each one. Use crumbled pretzels as sprinkles or crushed candy cane as sprinkling to get creative with your toppings. In a blender, combine the cake and frosting and puree until the cake can be molded into hand-held cake balls and place on your parchment. Allow 30 minutes in the refrigerator to cool. To make the liquid, follow the directions on the candy melt packaging.

As you prepare for your event, it’s nice to mix a bit tradition with some fun. Add handwritten place cards and gift tags to your table decor if you’re hosting an event. To browse our variety of DIY wedding and event printables, visit our etsy store and click the to see our printable digital downloads.

Now all you need is to send your invitation out and let the ceremonies and celebrations comence!

Blue and white handmade cakepops

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Image Description Above: An picture on a purple embroidered background. Picture description: A framed picture featuring the Sample Sheet option in the Golden Diya Printable Collection. Also seen on the concrete wall are two frames, one with instructions to the right and the other showing Two Cups Of Chaa - your go to for printable wedding and event files. The words “Two Cups Of Chaa, Digital Design Shop and “Offered in a range of design options or as part of a bundle package” are seen below the image. Image Description Below: A top down photo of the cake pops made in the first batch. There are several cream and two deep blue colored cake pops seen with a variety of round or lined sprinkles seen on top. The cake pops are shown upside down pushed into a foam block to keep them steady. Extra melting candy can be seen dripping from the pops. Experiment with the dipping method, the sprinkles and toppings to see what combination and design you like best.

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Blue and white handmade cakepops